Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Establish a clear direction and unified purpose for all your marketing efforts. Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your available resources, set up challenging while realistic goals and appropriately utilize the right set of tools.

Establish a clear direction and unified purpose for all your marketing efforts.

Promo Digital will streamline your marketing efforts for maximum impact, will keep you informed on how your marketing campaign funds are being spent and will get you the greatest return on your marketing investment. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your available resources and appropriately allocating your time and funds can mean the difference between a budget cut and a budget increase.


Identify and articulate the reason why and how your product can benefit your target consumers, review the firm's situation with regard to the current marketing environment, identify marketing tools in use and the allocation of resources.


Conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of your business, identifying the resources you can build on, and set clear and measurable marketing objectives with quantitative targets such as sales.


Implement tactics to leverage the quality of your products or services and/or price advantage over competing brands, ultimately achieving marketing objectives, with clear specifications on how and when these tactics are to be monitored and assessed.

Digital Media Production

We provide a full range of creative and effective digital media production needs to meet your goals, from beginning to end; Email design, Landing page creation, Video production, Online banners and much more.
Digital Media Production

Creative and engaging content to enhance your message.

It is a fact that your prospects are 50% more likely to take action upon watching a video. Leverage the power of video and obtain measurable results you can build on. Promo Digital’s professional graphic and video designers provide creative and effective media solutions to tell your story and help sell your product or service, through the creation of digital content for all your marketing needs.

Email Campaign

We will build you a customized email campaign with a clear call to action and compelling content that supports your message and drives traffic to your website.

Landing Page

After receiving your email or clicking on an online ad, send your customers to a landing page with engaging messaging to encourage conversion.


Leverage the power of video and obtain results you can build on. We offer full-service video production, including pre and post production.

Online Banners

Our experts will create simple, smart and effective online banners, flash or static, that will increase the click-through rate for your marketing needs.

Accelerated List Building

Accelerated List Building

Access our 58 Million and growing database of B2C email recipients that have been double-opted in, are active and verified, and segmented with a 99.85% deliverability rate.

Expand your reach, raise sales and increase revenue.

Building a database of potential customers could take years, if not decades. Promo Digital’s email database allows you to reach hundreds of thousands of prospects with the opportunity to convert them into your customers, in one shot. The highest quality data sources, combined with our regularly deployed extensive updating and cleaning processes, allows us to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers with a 95% inbox delivery rate, almost effortlessly. You receive the highest quality email list that has been updated, is accurate, opted-in database of individuals or businesses.

Email Delivery

Deliver fully rendered emails with automatically downloaded images into all inboxes, viewable on all desktops and smart devices with our proprietary conversion technology that automatically leads your prospect directly to your landing page or website.
Email Delivery

Capitalize on the art and the science of email marketing.

Combine the art and science of email marketing to deliver the right message to your prospects' inbox, ensuring that it will be read and action will be taken upon delivery.

Promo Digital’s Email Marketing Methodology consist in:

Creating creative and effective messaging, designed to smartly convey the value of your product or service; and

Delivering your messages straight to the prospect's inbox on every device;

While automatically Displaying your message content to your prospects;

Reaching your prospects and existing customers at the right time, at the right place and with the right message;

Converting your prospects into customers.

Data Management

Data Management

Performance and behavioral data collected during the implementation of each method is combined and analyzed to discover meaningful patterns and correlations in the recorded data to describe, predict and improve sales performance.

Innovation meets Acuracy, Speed and Dependability

Promo Digital collects quantifiable performance and behavior data in order to achieve measurable results. The use of tracking cookies allows us to assign personalized ads to those prospects who interacted with your emails or visited your site and left without making a purchase as they browse the web to bring them back to your site. We track who opened your emails or visited your site and what pages and products were seen. We also track how long prospects were on your site and identify strengths and weaknesses in the conversion process.

Analytical Reporting

Our proprietary analytics, video analytics and Google analytics in combination with the latest computer programming and operation research technology allows Promo Digital to quantify, analyze and optimize performance.

We’ll quantify performance and analyze the collected data to discover meaningful patterns and correlations to describe, predict and improve sales performance. We find out where your most valuable prospects are coming from and what methods are more likely to generate engagement.

Analytical Reporting

Turn customer insights into actionable solutions for your business.

Quantify performance with the latest technology, and analyze collected data to discover meaningful patterns and correlations to describe, predict and improve sales performance.

Promo Digital processes and organizes raw data for analysis, clean and model the collected raw data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, predicting outcomes and supporting decision-making. We convert data into useful information to answer questions, test hypotheses or disprove theories for decision-making. We'll allocate resources where they produce the best results in order to optimize your marketing efforts and maximize your ROI.

Communication and reporting of results.

Evaluate and report the collected data to adjust the existing strategy as needed. We provide you with customized reports with your campaign’s performance on all channels, including personalized graphic charts that are easy to read.

Video Analytics Promo Digital analytics gives amazing insight about how your videos are doing. Engagement graphs show how engaged your viewers are at all times during the video as well as heat-maps to see individual viewer insights and even a summary of loads, visitors, play rate, plays, hours watched and average engagement percentage.